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Courageous Box

7/8/2024 2:59:55 PM

Greetings, Nevarethians!

Embrace your bravery with the Courageous Box. The Wing of Courage is a symbol of strength and bravery, designed to inspire and uplift. Discover the hero within and embark on a journey of courage and strength with this new wing!

The Courageous Box will be available only from July 9 to July 16!

Courageous Box
Price: 360 Force Gems
Price x10: 3.420 Force Gems

Open for a chance to receive one of the following:

Item Name

[Costume] Wing of Courage - Force Wing

Happy Birthday Ring

Perfect Core(Highest)

Perfect Core (High)

Enchant Safeguard (High)

Enchant Safeguard (Highest)

Enhanced Core (High)

Superior Core (High)

Enhanced Core (Highest)

Superior Core (Highest)

Old Magic Book (Medium)

Mysterious Magic Book (Rare)

Mystery Cube (Rare)

Potion of Wing

Chaos Core Set

Divine Stone Set

Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Master)

Extreme Core (Lv. 7)

Extreme Core (Lv. 8)

Extreme Core (Lv. 9)

Gold Repair Kit

Silver Repair Kit

Slot Extender(High)

Slot Extender(Highest)

Chaos Seal Stone - Amulet +7

Chaos Seal Stone - Earring +7

Chaos Seal Stone - Bracelet +8

Divine Seal Stone(High):One-Handed Weapon+10

Divine Seal Stone(High):Two-Handed Weapon+10

Divine Seal Stone(High):Suit+10

Divine Seal Stone(High):Gloves+10

Divine Seal Stone(High):Boots+10

Divine Seal Stone(High):Helmet+10

Divine Seal Stone(High):Astral Bike+10

Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Normal):One-Handed Weapon+2

Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Normal):Two-Handed Weapon+2

Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Normal):Armor+2

Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Normal):Astral Bike+2


- Available for a limited time
- Must be level 20 to purchase the box
- For more information regarding our drop rates, please visit our Probability Information Guide

The CABAL Team