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Update 0 - Closed Beta

8/3/2023 3:17:06 PM


Patch Notes Features

Closed Beta Max-Level:
- Character Level: 100
- Skill Rank: Transcendence
- Craftsman Grade: Red Osmium
- Item Drop Grade: None
- Master Grade: None
- Pet Level: 10
- Upgrade core(High)
- Option scroll(High)

What you might Recognize

Upgrade System
- Normal Upgrade available up to +9
- Chaos Upgrade available up to +5

- Weakened Lake in Dusk
- Weakened Ruina Station
- Weakened Tower of Undead
- Lake in Dusk
- Ruina Station
- Tower of Undead B1F
- Volcanic Citadel
- Tower of Undead B2F
- Forgotten Temple 1
- Forbidden Island

Chaos Arena
- Chaos Arena 1 & 2 available
- Eternal Chaos Arena is now open

World Bosses
- Port Lux
     - Volcanic Heart Margonos
- Fort Ruina
     - Attacker Ragno

- Missions Wars Status: Available

Newly Available

Enjoy the Gladiator and Force Gunner earlier than their original release. How will Nevareth’s history be rewritten with these new powerful classes available from the start?

Gladiator & Force Gunner - Available

Closed Beta Rewards
For all participating players during our Closed Beta Weekend, reach the following milestones to earn in-game rewards. Each Reward will be earned cumulatively; to find out more please check out our Closed Beta Breakdown for a more detailed look.

We are incredibly thrilled and exuberant to have you on board with us!
The CABAL Team