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Update 4 - The Rise of Darkness

9/29/2023 11:55:21 AM

Changes from Force Wings to Rise of Darkness
Embrace your inner darkness

Character Level Increased: 170 → 179

Mission Wars: Lv. 170-199 released

Dungeons Added:
Maquinas Outpost
Tower of Undead B3F
Devil's Tower
Hazardous Valley (Easy - Awakened)
Lava Hellfire (Awakened)
Panic Cave (Awakened)
Steamer Crazy (Awakened)
Catacomb Frost (Awakened)

Upgrade System
Chaos Upgrade now available up to +15

Chaos Arena
Chaos Arena Lv. 6 now available

World Bosses
Mutant Forest - Guardian of Altar Zaken

Let loose your inner darkness and unleash it upon your unsuspecting foes with our latest update to CABAL!

The CABAL Team