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Update 5 - Arcane Trace

10/30/2023 2:26:56 PM

Changes from Rise of Darkness to Arcane Trace
The Gates to Arcane Trace have been unlocked!

Character Level Increased: 179 → 189

Agent Shop: You will no longer be able to buy or sell items on the Agent Shop using Alz

Mission Wars: Lv. 170-199 released

Map Added:
Arcane Trace

Dungeons Added:
Forbidden Island (Awakened)
Abandoned City
Tower of Undead B3F (Part2)
Holi keldrasil

Upgrade System
Normal Upgrade now available up to +20
Chaos Upgrade now available up to +15

New Item Drop Grade: Archridium

New Manufacturing Item Grade:
Craftsman Grade: Forcium
Master Grade: Osmium

New Force Wing Grade
Force Wing Grade: Rare

World Bosses
Pontus Ferrum - Future Weapon Gustav-Zg
Dive in and explore this mysterious force of nature and the secrets that lie within!!

The CABAL Team