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Update 7 - Overlord

1/22/2024 1:10:26 PM

[Maintenance Overview - 01/23/24]
– Overlord and Awakened Aura Added
– New Dungeons added  
– Palladium added
– Master Forcium available
– Divine Upgrade added
– Christmas Theme to be removed
– World Bosses are now properly spawning on channels 2, 5, 14, 20
– Lvl 200 Race Title: Founder, to be distributed
– Wing: Fly Skill has been added to the NPC shop
– All Dungeon Rankings have been reset
– Bug Fixes and General Server Upkeep


Changes from Lv. 200 Update to Overlord
Overlord Added
Awakened Aura Added
Divine Upgrade Added

Item Drop Grade

Craftsman Grade

Master’s Grade
Master’s Forcium

Dungeons Added:
Illusion Castle Underworld(Apocrypha)
Illusion Castle Radiant Hall(Apocrypha)
Edge of Phantom
Glacies Inferna
Devil’s Tower (Part 2)

World Boss - Spawn Rate & Times
Channels - 2, 5, 14, 20
Server Time -  09:35 / 13:35 / 21:35 / 0:35


Community Notes
DIVINE UPGRADE: Currently failing an upgrade between 7-15 divine will give an incorrect destroyed message upon failure. Please make sure you check to see the status of your item before each divine upgrade. We are currently working on fixing this issue and do not have a timeline for the fix at this time.

APPLE USERS:  We wanted to let you know that, despite Apple installations still being unavailable, we're moving forward with Season updates and events. The content will remain accessible for Apple users, even though the app won't update. (ANDROID users not affected by this)
In the meantime, our team suggests that Apple players explore alternative options for purchases, allowing for a smoother experience. We recommend considering purchases via Google as an alternative during this period. Your understanding and flexibility are highly appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time!

The CABAL Team