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Craftsman Titanium Aid Box

10/3/2023 2:52:01 PM

Greetings, Nevarethians!

Get ready to embark on an epic journey of power and resilience with our all-new Craftsman Titanium Aid Box! This treasure trove holds the potential to reshape your character's destiny, granting a random Titanium weapon or armor item.

This Craftsman Titanium Aid Box will be available only from November 1 until December 11!

Craftsman Titanium Aid Box
Price: 120 Force Gems
Price x10: 1,140 Force Gems

Open for a chance to receive one of the following:

Box Content:
Titanium Boots (FA)
Titanium Boots (FB)
Titanium Boots (FG)
Titanium Coat (FA)
Titanium Coat (FB)
Titanium Coat (FG)
Titanium Gauntlet (FS)
Titanium Gauntlet (WA)
Titanium Gauntlets(GL)
Titanium Gloves (FA)
Titanium Gloves (FB)
Titanium Gloves (FG)
Titanium Greaves (FS)
Titanium Greaves (WA)
Titanium Greaves(GL)
Titanium Hands (BL)
Titanium Hands (WI)
Titanium Headgear (FA)
Titanium Headgear (FB)
Titanium Headgear (FG)
Titanium Headpiece (BL)
Titanium Headpiece (WI)
Titanium Plate (FS)
Titanium Plate (WA)
Titanium Plate(GL)
Titanium Shoes (BL)
Titanium Shoes (WI)
Titanium Suit (BL)
Titanium Suit (WI)
Titanium Visor (FS)
Titanium Visor (WA)
Titanium Visor(GL)
Pherystin Crystal
Titanium Daikatana
Titanium Great Sword
Titanium Katana
Titanium Chakram
Titanium Blade
Pherystin Orb


- Available for a limited time
- Must be level 50 to purchase the box
- For more information in regards to our drop rates please visit our Probability Information Guide

For more details, and to purchase, please visit the Random Box Purchase Guide

The CABAL Team