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Update 9 - Demonite

6/11/2024 1:08:31 PM

Changes from Chaos to Demonite

Character & Item:
- Demonite Epaulet
- QW7 Bike

Upgrades & Drops:
- Item Drop Grade = Demonite

- Forgotten Temple B3F
- Mirage Island
- Flame Nest
- Ancient Tomb
- Frozen Canyon

World Bosses Added:
- Ancient Destroyer Kelosus
- Ancient Vanguard Kargos

Community Notes:
- Account linking from Apple to Google is still ongoing
- You can now change your class with the Battle Style Change Kit
- Freshen up your gear with our New and Improved Store Packages
- Our team is constantly reviewing all suggestions made on Discord and social media. We will apply any changes if we believe they are beneficial
- Making progress easier for you! Our team is exploring new avenues to provide more Alz to players
- New and Improved Boxes Developed from Players Suggestions